Stephan Blecher

EDV Dienstleistungen / IT Consulting
Endresstraße 92/3/2
A-1230 Wien
+43 (699) 12270010

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Software Development and Architecture

I am able to work with and design architecture for complex IT systems, and see my greatest strength in the analysis and solution of very complex problems. I like technically challenging projects where concurrency, threading, queuing and consideration of performance issues need special attention. I've worked for very different companies over the last couple of years, which brought me a broad knowledge of all the different libraries and frameworks commonly in use. I also gained the ability to learn very quickly and become productive with new and proprietary technologies. I am used to working in a highly organized/automated development environment and utilizing profiling/analysis automated building, automated testing, code analysis and version control tools.

Project Management

I've managed small to medium sized teams as all-in-one PM or Lead-Tech/Architect working together with another PM. I have experience with SCRUM since 2006 and got my SCRUM-Master-Certification in 2009. When working in a team, I see myself as the supporter and go-to-guy, even when having a leading role.

System Administration

I possess deep knowledge of the usual Java/J2EE Application Servers and the deployment of complex applications to multiple and different servers. In addition I am familiar with administration of UNIX and Windows based servers and network infrastructure.

HTML5 Consulting

About fifty percent of my projects done were CDP solutions or web based software, where I managed to gain very deep knowledge of the HTML/CSS/JS and XML/XSLT technologies. I know all the differences and problems of modern and not-so-modern browsers and will enable a cutting-edge experience.


  • Java ★★★
  • C/C++ ★★☆
  • Perl ★☆☆
  • PHP ★★☆
  • Assembler ★☆☆
  • HTML ★★★
  • CSS ★★★
  • Javascript ★★★
  • SVG ★☆☆
  • SWT ★★☆
  • LaTeX ★★☆
  • Spring ★★★
  • Hibernate ★★★
  • Maven ★★☆